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Travel Like A Business Owner, Frugally!

People who don’t travel much will often think that business travel is exotic. Interesting cities, nice hotels, restaurant meals all seems so much better that the everyday “humdrum” existence they live!

Then there are the people who actually travel for business, whose view might be a little different. Longer hours, no home cooked meals, miss their own bed, hotels are all the same when all you do is use them to sleep and shower, restaurant meals get old and then there is the time away from family. Not often mentioned but equally off putting is the exposure to germs and people you might not otherwise choose to meet! Too often you find yourself in an aircraft where invariably you are sitting next to a large person who overflows into your space, and has a very obvious cold!

Now that I have put business travel into context, it IS a valuable, and needed, activity for any business that has multiple locations or even just clients in multiple locations.

Business owners approach travel with the goal of achieving their business needs as effectively and as “cost effectively” as possible! Here are some business travel tips from a business owner:

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.” Benjamin Franklin

    1. Book ahead! Last minute travel is costly… and does not allow you to plan your days as effectively as you might.
    1. Look at travel options… don’t go with the same airline all the time just to collect points! In Canada I might travel on Westjet, Air Canada or Porter based on price, convenience and my travel needs for a given trip.
    1. Be frugal with hotel bookings. Generally it’s just a bed and a shower. You don’t need the most expensive hotel. I find a reasonable place, convenient to my meetings. I often use sites like Hotwire to get great rates and have friends who use airbnb.
    1. Limit travel in business hours. I get early morning flights when headed west, and late evening flights when headed east. This means I can maximize my time at my destination. For example if I leave Toronto at or before 7am I can arrive in Calgary or Vancouver around 9am local time, giving me a full day in that city.
    1. Look after your body. Eat well, get enough sleep and work out. You don’t even need a gym to work out! Pushups, ab exercises, squats, lunges, walking the stairs etc. are all good exercise that you can do anywhere.
    1. Travel with hand sanitiser. In the “germ environments” of planes and hotels it makes sense to act like a health professional. Wash your hands often!
    1. Travel with supplements. You will likely not get the nutrients you get with your regular diet so bring vitamins, ColdFX even some pain medication. It will help you stay healthier and hence more effective.
    1. Limit your alcohol intake. It is easy to let this get away from you when you are visiting colleagues and clients in other cities. Exercise some restraint, your body will thank you.
    1. Take materials with you that will make your travel time effective. Catch up on reading, create a reading file with photocopies or cutouts of articles. Put materials on your kindle, iPad or other reader.
    1. Travel light. Learn to pack effectively and think through your wardrobe… if you can travel with carry-on luggage only you will save time and aggravation. (Learn to us an iron… there is one in most hotel rooms).
  1. Spend like it is your own money. As a business owner it IS your own money! Tip appropriately, but not extravagantly. Choose reasonable but not crazy restaurants. Take the team for a couple of drinks, but don’t make a night of it.

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years like most people won’t. So that you can live the rest of your life like most people can’t.” Unknown

These are lessons I have learned over the last 18 years owning and operating my own business.

What tips do you have to share?

Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle, one of Canada’s largest professional staffing companies. You can read more of his writing at the Eagle Blog

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1 Comment on Travel Like A Business Owner, Frugally!

  1. My husband and I love tankig road trips. Last year we went to the west coast and had so much fun. It is absolutely beautiful. We went to 8 states, and we certainly had a limited budget. Here are some of the tips I can offer you:1. Plan ahead: Do research on different places you want to see and get an itinerary set up. That way you can stay on track, and not end up doing extra things that aren’t planned so you don’t spend more than expected.2. Camp out: If you have the option camp instead of staying in a hotel. It is A LOT cheaper and you will be able to enjoy more quality time with your sons, not to mention really take in the beauty around you.3. Park pass: If you plan on stopping at more than 3 national parks it is cheaper to get a yearly park pass. National parks are expensive sometimes $ 30 just to get into and the park pass this year is $ 80. Which seems like a lot but it will save you money if you plan on going to more than one. You can buy them online or at the parks.4. Pack food: Have a cooler of snacks, beverages, and food. It will save you money so you don’t have to eat out a lot. It is less expensive to stop and buy a bag of ice for your cooler versus eating at a resturaunt. Even if you are just stopping at gas stations to get munchies it will add up quicker than you think, especially when you have kids.5. Plan out your budget: Write down how much you want to allow yourself for food, lodging, souvenirs, site-seeing, and gas that way you can stay on track.6. Expenses: The biggest expense we ran into was gas. Make sure you allow a good budget for that. We started in Minnesota and went all the way to San Fransisco and back. Gas ranged anywhere from 2.10 to $ 3.30 a gallon and that is based on last years gas prices. This year they are higher than normal also, so just be aware. To give you a rough estimate we spent about $ 800 on gas and that was with a jeep.7. Film: Buy LOTS of film before you leave because it isn’t cheap at gas stations, and other tourist destinations. They do hike up the prices. Trust me you will definately be tankig a lot of pictures. We went through 16 rolls of film and 4 rolls of slide film.8. Time of year: I recommend going in the off season. Everything is by far cheaper and you don’t have to worry about roadways and site-seeing destinations to be overcrowded with people. We went at the beginning of May and we didn’t regret it. We had beautiful weather and saved a lot of money. Tourist season usually starts at the end of May.9. Don’t rush: Take your time and don’t overload yourself with activities. Yes, we did miss a lot of things but there is no way to see it all in one shot. Remind yourself that the west coast will always be there and you can always go back.10. Hotel/motel stays: If you do stay at a hotel, stay at the ones that offer a continental breakfast. That way you will not only save yourself money but you don’t have to waste time trying to find a place to eat.Well, I hope I have helped in some way. I hope you have a wonderful time. My husband and I will be leaving again in May to go to the southwest states. Our destination is the Grand Canyon and back. We have already made lots of reservations at camp sites and look forward to another 2 week road trip. Traveling dosen’t always have to be expensive it is actually very feesible if you are willing to make some sacrafices, and give up some of your comforts of home at times.Places I recommend: Redwoods National Park, walking across the Golden Gate Bridge instead of driving (if you are going that far south) Lake Tahoe, driving along the Columbia river gourge in Northern Oregon and Parts of Washington. Make sure to stop at some of the overlooks along the highway it is truly breathtankig. After all the pacific highway or as some say highway 101 is one of the most beautiful drives in AmericaGod Bless and happy traveling!

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