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11 Easy Ways to Slash Car Hire Costs

You like that adventurous sensation you get on a holiday road trip as there is always so much to explore. But while you might have had this feel at the expense of your savings in the past, we found a way to help you reduce expenses on a hired car and make sure you have some coin take back home. Without much ado, here are 11 ways you can reduce your car hire costs effectively.

1. Book Before Hand
This can save you up to 75% of the hiring fee. A pre-booked vehicle often comes with incentives that lowers the amount you’re charged, other considerations, such as your hiring location may count. That is; you may decide to hire from whatever country you are coming from, into the US or getting to the US before you hire.

2. Have Your Accessories.

Accessories such as GPS and babysits are important for family trips, however, it is rather cost-effective to go after hiring companies that allow you bring your accessories.  

This way you’ll be able to save both on the cost of hiring and the expense of insurance such as the excess waiver insurance.

3. Buy Necessary Insurance Only.
We all know how intelligent and persuasive a car hiring company receptionist sounds when they try to sell you excess waiver insurance

Typically, it’s useful, since it reduces the high amounts you will be charged if an accident occurs. However, what you won’t be told at that counter is; your excess waiver insurance only becomes active if you have an accident in that car, and you pay an excess for damages. 

Now the question is; how certain is it that this cascade of events will happen?
Bottom-line; analyze your hiring firm and refuse any insurance you don’t need.

4. Avoid Getting Picked Up At The Airport.
There’s a legal requirement of extra charges for cars that access the airport premises, this includes personal cars, rented cars, and airport shuttles.

Therefore, you are likely to incur larger sums if you decide to get your hired car sent to you at the airport. Instead, you may book online, get to your intended location and then pay a local taxi to take you to your hired car.

5. Learn the Currency

If you are renting outside of the United States, find out what currency does your hiring firm take. If it’s not the dollar, then you’d be charged some percentage for conversion. This can be sidestepped.

6. Avoid Hidden Charges.
It’s typical of the hiring firms; they often charge you even for things you don’t know about. Your receipt may reflect a particular amount while your credit card is charged a larger sum. To avoid this, make sure you get things cleared before you leave the desk. 

For instance; buying an excess waiver insurance or collision damage waiver when you already have an auto insurance policy in place.

7. Understand Your Insurance Coverage.
Insurance is necessary, but it is a tricky way car hiring companies swindle unsuspecting customers. 

Oftentimes, your rental company only sells you insurance that covers the car’s body but leaves out the undercarriage, tires, and fenders.

If any of these parts get damaged, you have no insurance to cover that so you are fully charged. If this is the case, you may decline your rental company’s insurance and take a more robust offer from an independent insurance company. 

This way you are protected from paying damages in case of an eventuality that affects the initially excluded parts.

8. Use Credit Card Benefits.
Some credit cards give you an advantage with Rental Companies. 

Examples are American Express, DINERS CLUB, and certain visa cards. If these cards are used, as the terms of use stipulate, you may end up paying as low as half the rental price.
Terms of use may include:

  • Using the credit card for the entire span of your trip,
  • Proof of citizenship in your rental country or possession of a valid visa.

    9. Fill the Gas Tank Before Returning the Vehicle.
    Returning an empty tank is usually met with a penalty by most renters. You are safe from this only when there’s a clear indication in the agreement that a fueling requirement is waived.

    10. Use Coupon Codes.
    You man search online for coupons codes that reduce your hiring cost, then choose your hiring firm accordingly.

    11. Perform A Thorough Inspection.
    A thorough inspection might include taking pictures or videos of the car from all sides before leaving as you may get charged for dents that had been there before you took the vehicle. 

This happens only if you fail to register such dent before leaving. But of course, you’d submit an official report to the company representative, and save your evidence for reference as needs may arise.

Final Thoughts

Under many circumstances, hiring a car becomes more economical than buying one, especially for tax-related reasons. So, if you are lucky enough to further reduce your hiring cost with the tricks highlighted above, you are in business.

Thanks for reading.

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