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Hotel Room Workouts for the Traveling Executive

One of the keys to staying healthy and productive on the road is exercising away from home. A busy business trip can be mentally stressful and physically taxing, but a good workout can reduce stress and increase energy.

If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, you’re tight on time, or just not in the mood to exercise in front of others, you can do an effective, full-body workout right in your hotel room. Here are a set of full body exercises you can do right in your room in under a half hour.

Be sure to do a workout that’s right for you. The point is to get energized, not injured. If you’re a beginner or perhaps have an old injury, do the easier version – the important thing is that you stretch and get your heart rate up – not how many reps you do, or how fast you do them.

Good mornings. Stand up straight on the floor. Criss cross your arms over your chest so the right hand is on the left shoulder, and left hand is on the right shoulder. Kneel down from the waist and hips, as if bowing to greet someone. This is an excellent warm up for the back and hamstrings.

Stick ups. Stick ups are a great way to stretch the shoulders and increase flexibility in the shoulders and upper back, especially if you’ve been sitting on a plane or at a desk for a long time, and are feeling some stiffness.

Stand up straight and fully extend both arms above the head, hands flat and facing out, and then down so the biceps are parallel with the shoulders. Try two sets of 20 repetitions each, and not too fast to cause injury.

Squats. Stand on the floor in the hotel room with arms extended above head, bend at the knees with the buttocks out and back straight. Squat up and down as if sitting into a chair. For an easier version, stand with your back to the bed, and squat until seated on the bed, than stand back up. Try two to three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions each.

Push ups. There are many benefits to dropping to the floor and doing some good old fashioned push ups. They’re a great way to build arm, shoulder and upper body strength. Adapt to a wider grip to work the abdominals a little harder. For an easier version, face the bed and do pushups with arms on the edge of the bed, legs still on the floor. Try three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions each.

Step ups. Face the bed and place one foot on the bed, the other on the floor. Step up so the floor foot is on the bed, then step back down so the same foot is back on the floor. Try two to three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions each. Switch legs and repeat. This exercise is a powerful single leg strength exercise to work the back of legs and get the heart rate up.

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