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Portable Exercise Equipment For The Road

While you are on the road you don’t have to give up your workout routine nor do you have to resort to simply walking or jogging to get in your daily 30 minutes of exercise. There are many different options when it comes to compact, lightweight workout devices that will help you to stay committed to fitness and health while not taking up your entire cab and sleeper.

There are obviously different qualities of portable equipment. Surprisingly, the actual price of the equipment is often not an indicator of how effective, efficient or helpful the specific device actually is. A lot of the stuff that you see advertised on late night commercials for low prices is relatively useful and durable, but it may not be up to the wear and tear of being constantly moved and used on a daily basis.

Most of the best types of portable workout systems use resistance types of methods for strength training and stretching. This means that while the equipment is lightweight it is designed to use your own body weight as the actual lift or pull. You should also consider equipment that offers strength or core training for more than one body part. You don’t want to have equipment for your legs, abdomen and upper body if you can find one device that has multiple functions and uses.

Equipment that has you standing, rather than sitting, is another factor to consider. When you are standing to workout you are burning more calories just by the position of your body. As your core muscles, the large muscle groups of the body, move to keep you in balance you add to the overall workout. The same is not true if you are lying down or in the sitting position when working out. While this won’t add to your calorie burning potential by huge numbers, it will add up over time. You will also find that your balance and core muscles become stronger, helping to prevent injuries to your legs and back.

Below are a few easy to travel with exercise equipment options. You don’t have to have them all; you can pick and choose which options work best based on your fitness needs. Remember that one of the best exercises for cardiovascular health and fitness is still a brisk 15-30 minute walk or light jog and, other than a good pair of athletic shoes, there is no additional equipment needed for this activity.


While these are range in weight and are a bit bulky, they are a great all round strength training piece of equipment. They come in a range of different styles and designs but are basically a large round weight with a flat bottom which has a rounded handle, like an old fashioned kettle handle, out of the top. These can be used for all upper and lower body types of strength training.

Generally you will need one light and one heavier kettlebell, but this will depend on your current strength training program. There are also adjustable options that allow you to add weights to one kettlebell to adjust the weight.

Resistance Bands

These are basically longer, very thick elastic bands with two handles, one on each end. The bands can come with a variety of different handles and end straps that just clip on to the end for different types of exercises. Basically they look a lot like thicker bungee cords until the handles or end straps are attached.

The bands are designed to provide different amounts of resistance from light resistances of five or six pounds to over 20 pounds. These are great for both upper and lower body workouts and are essential for abdominal workouts and toning.

Mini-Trampolines Or Rebounders

Look for a folding model that will slip in against any wall or behind your seat. These are smaller, lower trampolines that allow you to run in place without having to find a jogging trail. These trampolines are a great option for individuals that find that high impact activities such as running or jogging cause joint or back pain.

You do have to be careful when using a Rebounder and take is slow until you get the feel for the device and improve your balance. Remember you aren’t jumping for height; you are using these for running in place or jumping at low levels on the spot.

Folding Bikes

While these are a bit larger and take up more space than the other equipment mentioned, they are a good idea. These bikes are usually right around two hundred dollars but, with a little care, they will last a lifetime. When folded most models are going to be less than 12 by 30 by 25 inches and they tend to weigh in at about 25 pounds.

These bikes are designed for street riding or riding on fairly level surfaces. The bike is a great option for getting out and seeing the area and is a good alternative to jogging or walking for the cardio part of your workout.

Regardless of what type of exercise you do, getting in at least 30 minutes of cardio and strength training every day will help you stay fit on the road. It will also help you sleep better and stay alert, something that is important in this high demand profession.

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