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Traveling the World – a Top Choice with Lottery Winners

Hitting the jackpot is something we all dream of, and so is globetrotting. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that many lottery winners choose to spend their money (or at least some of them) exploring the world. According to a study performed to Camelot and Oxford Economics, most jackpot winners of the UK National Lottery celebrate their big win with a luxury holiday, their favourite destination being the US. While 68% of them decide to indulge themselves with a stay in a five star hotel, there are also those who prefer to invest in a caravan.

UK lottery winners’ favourite destinations % of winners who chose it
USA 27
Caribbean 9
Dubai 6
Canary Islands 6
Mallorca 5
Portugal 5
Maldives 3
Canada 3

Let’s look at how some lottery winners fulfilled their globetrotting dream after receiving a sudden cash infusion:

EuroMillions Winner Chose to Live the Dream for a Year

When the lottery results checker announced him the good news, Matt Myles, 27, knew exactly what he will do with the £1 million worth EuroMillions raffle prize: travel the world together with his brother Pete and his best friend Joe Wills.  The bags were packed and the plane seats booked even before Matt cashed in the check, and they embarked on an exciting adventure that lasted over eight months. Among the experiences Matt and his pals had – diving with the dolphins and getting sun-tanned on a beach in Bali, exploring the jungle in Thailand, partying in Ibiza and San Antonio, and discovering Tuscany’s landscapes. They also reached Brazil right in time for the World Cup, and they had another “hitting the jackpot” experience in Vegas.

Is Matt’s story inspiring? For sure! Would you do the same if you hit the jackpot? How do you think a winning EuroMillions lottery ticket would change your life?

UK National Lottery Winner Took His Family to Florida

John and Pauline Alford, who cashed in £1.4 million at the age of 76, decided to celebrate their win by taking their extended family (22 members) on a trip to Florida. Talking to iTV report Rob Murphy just a few days before his trip, the lucky Wiltshire resident said: “We are a very close family and I have always dreamed of taking everyone to Florida and going on the roller coasters.”

France Lotto Winner’s First Trip – Jerusalem for Easter

A lottery fan for years, a woman from the French region Seine-et-Marne won €11 million on Mother’s Day on May 26th. Although she decided to remain anonymous, the media found out a few things about the way she used her win: she bought a house in her country of origin, Guadeloupe, and took her family on a number of trips. Before setting on to other destinations, she accomplished her lifetime dream of spending Easter in Jerusalem.

Missouri Couple Made a “Lord of the Rings” Tour

John and Susan Brands from Missouri became millionaires in March this year, when they cashed in the life changing $96.5 million Powerball jackpot. How did they react? As soon as they recovered from their disbelief, they decided to fly off to New Zealand on their dream holiday. “We’re nerds,” Susan said. “That’s where ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ were filmed”. Besides, the couple planned on learning new languages, and acquiring various skills like cooking and playing the guitar.

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