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6 Cool and Unique Things To Do in Wales


When you think of Wales, what do you think of? If you think of dragons, the accent or a lack of vowels then you’re completely underestimating what Wales has to offer. Wales is home to many unique activities and places to see and luckily for you, we’re about to let you in on the secret.

  • Go on Europe’s longest zipline

The scenery in Wales is gorgeous. Lush vegetation, towering mountains with snowy peaks and the wildlife to go with it… but the scenery isn’t always enough for the adrenaline junkies out there. Zipworld offers the option to combine the two elements and create an experience like never before – you can fly through Welsh scenery at speeds in excess of 100mph. What’s not to love?

  • Visit a bug farm

This might not sound overly appealing at first. Bugs are thought of as pests – why would you want to go and spend a full afternoon with them? However, if you want a fun day out for the full family with a twist, Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm is the place to be. From workshops to seeing tropical bugs close up, it’s guaranteed to be memorable… and that’s without even mentioning the insect kitchen. It’s bringing I’m a Celebrity to Wales.

  • Relax your way

Relaxing is great. Relaxing when surrounded by strangers or a constant concern about what to eat next is not so great. When there’s the option to completely chill out in a place that feels like a home, not a house, it’s easy to see why many holiday goers are choosing to go for a self catering cottage in north Wales. Get the freedom to do things your way for a fraction of the cost (and only eat the meals that you want)!

  • Bring your favourite shows to life

Wales has been home to some of the greatest television shows over the last few decades. From comedies that will go down as classics, such as Gavin and Stacey, to cult shows such as Doctor Who, Wales can proudly say it’s been there throughout it all. Get ready to get location star-struck!

  • Absorb some history

Wales is full of culture, ranging from its mythological beginnings to gorgeous religious buildings. St David’s Cathedral is steeped in Welsh heritage and is a must see for anyone in the country. A building that is hundreds of years old yet still standing and glorious, it’s a gorgeous site to behold, with masses and choirs still ongoing all these many years later.

  • Become a detective

Breakout is big news. It’s becoming huge around the United Kingdom, having locations in a whole variety of cities, from Manchester to Cardiff. With rooms having names such as ‘Disturbed’, ‘Cursed Carnival’ and ‘Sabotage’ to name just a few, with varying difficulties, it’s not hard to see why it’s becoming such a craze. Give it a try, solve the clues and then hopefully you’ll manage to escape!

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