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10 Used Cars with the Best Gas Mileage

When it comes to getting the best gas mileage, hybrids are the obvious choice. However, some non-hybrid vehicles still get upwards of 40 miles per gallon these days. Here are 10 used cars – both hybrids and conventionals – that will get you some of the best gas mileage possible.

Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda brought its reliable engineering and stylish designs to its Civic Hybrid. This means you’ll get a powerful but economical hybrid 4-cylinder powertrain that gets on average 45 miles per gallon on the highway. The pre-2011 models resemble the well-loved classic Civic look, with a slightly more futuristic twist.

Honda Civic

If you just don’t want to do a hybrid Civic, here’s some good news. The standard Civic already gets about 25 to 36 miles per gallon depending on if you’re in the city or opening it up on the highway.

Toyota Prius

The iconic Prius has really earned a place in the world of good mpg’s with its average of 48 mpg in the city and slightly less on the highway. These vehicles are also rated one of the most reliable used vehicles, with a low cost of maintenance over the years, so you’ll save on gas as well as repairs most likely.

Toyota Corolla

If you love Toyota’s but don’t want a Prius, get the same reliable engineering with a still-impressive 26 to 34 mpg with the Corolla. This sedan is a favorite for used car buyers, and since they seem to run for forever you shouldn’t have a problem finding one for sale near you.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford’s hybrid will get you about 41 mpg in the city, with around 36 on the highway. It’s slightly more expensive than other hybrids in its class, but if you can find a good used one for the right price, it’s definitely a solid car with excellent gas mileage and a good resale value.

Ford Focus

If you’re a Ford fan but want to go more classic, an older model Focus might be the best choice for you. These simple cars have always been up there with getting great gas mileage, averaging about 33 mpg on the highway. They’re also exceptionally reliable and it’s not difficult to find used hatchback models for more versatility in cargo space and style.

Honda Insight

If you like the Prius concept but are a loyal Honda fan, the Insight will steal your heart but not your gas money. This hatchback is ultra-affordable and gets about 41 mpg.

Mazda3 Skyactiv

While not a hybrid, this innovative Mazda3 has a special engine designed to get up to 40 mpg without diesel power or hybrid technology. Combine that with its sporty exterior, roomy interior and superb handling you’d expect from a Mazda3 and you’ll see why it’s a top choice.

BMW 328d

If you want a luxury vehicle that doesn’t tear through gasoline, the 328d will get about 36 mpg while giving you a performance 180hp turbo engine with intercooled technology, an 8-speed transmission with overdrive, and 17” aluminum wheels. This car is so impressive, inside and out.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 ES

If you can get your hands on a used Mirage, you’ll get to enjoy an average of 37 miles per gallon of gas. This sporty sedan doesn’t skimp on style or speed to get this absurdly high mpg.

Remember that little things you can do to a car can help you get a higher mpg as well, such as cleaning your air filter and changing your spark plugs. Driving at a steady pace and not revving your engine excessively will also up your mpg.

If you’re doing a lot of city driving, hybrids tend to have a better mpg with stop and go driving than conventional cars because a hybrid can switch to battery powered when idling, while a non-hybrid will just burn through gasoline even when not covering any ground.

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