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Powerful AVI Converter for your Travel Videos

Some of the mobile devices are known to have problems with playing AVI files. You can spend your time looking for a media player that supports AVI, but what if it won’t play back other formats? The easier solution is to install an AVI converter to your computer and adapt the files specially for your smartphone, tablet or even TV.

Movavi Video Converter can easily do this: it works with every possible multimedia format and contains more than 200 conversion profiles for portable devices. Let’s take a quick look at what it is able to do.

The intuitive interface gives you several choices to upload the files to the program:

  • drag them to the window
  • click on the icon in the center of the program
  • use the Add Media button

As it was mentioned before, there are plenty of output formats for you to choose: MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, and more other video and audio formats.

But what is more important, you can optimize the videos for viewing on your mobile device. There are two ways to do it:

  1. Find the model of your device on the list, or in the search bar.
  2. Connect your smartphone or tablet to the computer and the appropriate profile will be suggested automatically.

If you have never converted files before, it is advisable not to change anything in the settings. However, If you know a thing or two about advanced conversion parameters, you can adjust the existing profile by clicking on the cogwheel in the bottom of the program.

What you can always do in this AVI converter is enhance your videos:

  • stabilize shaky footage
  • normalize the volume of quiet audio
  • reduce background noise
  • adjust colors automatically or by hand
  • remove grain defects
  • add, delete, and manage subtitles
  • apply text and image watermarks
  • crop and rotate videos
  • trim files from both ends
  • cut away unnecessary fragments from the middle

Alternatively, if you’re only interested in fast conversion from AVI, you can automate this process creating a Watch Folder. This means that all the files put in a specific folder will be automatically converted with selected parameters.

You can convert multiple videos at a time because the software loads the processor cores in the most efficient way, so the CPU usage doesn’t exceed its limits.

Thanks to Intel hardware acceleration and NVIDIA GPU (depending on your video card) the conversion can be sped up to 6 times. Moreover, two-pass encoding provides balance between the size and quality of the output file.

Movavi Video Converter enables you to change formats of files in a blink of the eye. Not only can you deal with AVI files, but also extract sound from videos, make GIFs and convert between more than 180 multimedia formats.

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