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In the world of business, it is difficult to come across any one aspect that isn’t tracked, analysed, assessed and disseminated, for a successful business; it’s par for the course.

But, what if we take a step away from the facts and figures, and the charts and projections? What if we started to apply that same ethos to another often overlooked factor in every successful business?

The people who make it what it is.

How could we even begin to analyse the moods, emotions and wellbeing of ourselves, or the people who work alongside us? How can we make sure we are all happy, and at our best when we step into the office?

The clever people at may just have the answer.

Postmood is, at its core a ‘personal happiness tracker’ and is the brainchild of a small, but experienced team based in the UK that have created a mood tracker. They have worked hard at producing a site that works well, and looks good, but its real genius is under the bonnet, in its adaptability and endless potential.

At first glance, Postmood looks good, with a clear no-nonsense site which is well presented and offers a clear description of what it is all about. In simple terms; Postmood tracks your mood, and it achieves this by analysing the things you post to social media. Simply link your social media account securely to their site, sit back and see how you’re feeling and how you’ve been feeling, not that complicated right?

Well no, but remember that ‘genius’ I mentioned above?

Postmood’s real achievement and true strength lies not only in the simplicity of the idea, but in the sheer complexity of what it does with the data; using artificial intelligence, the best machine learning tools and the Personality Insights Service from IBM itself, Postmood can offer real insight into an individual’s habits, emotions and moods and has the potential to allow you to correlate that information directly to workplace performance.

On a wider scale, this information has real potential for businesses, think about you, your life, and the lives of your colleagues or workers. Do you get enough sleep? Eat the right meals? Are you healthy and happy?

Identifying those issues, and working towards rectifying them makes for a happier, even healthier person, and when that person steps into the office, it’s a safe assumption that they are much more likely to work better, make better decisions, and take far fewer sick days than the colleague who burns the candle at both ends, or has other problems. Postmood is a site, and service that has the potential to identify such issues, not just for the individual but also for the wider business as a whole.

With such a wealth of data, comes natural concerns about privacy, and Postmood are quick to acknowledge that and allay such fears on their site; stating specifically that no identifying information is stored by them, it is all about the numbers and data, which are researched on a separate server, never given access to personal information or other social media activity.

How Postmood evolves over time, and how much it can be applied to business and our professional lives, remains to be seen, One thing is for sure; Postmood has the potential to improve all our lives, professionally, and beyond.

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