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The Automotive Industry is Changing

That’s a statement that would seem quite obvious. Well, not necessarily, see, before the advent of a car manufacturer like Tesla, a catalyst that has helped to change the game of car manufacturing and distribution in more ways than one, we primarily had regular processes that have been around for a while.

Customers expected incremental improvements and nothing too crazy or drastic.

The automotive industry is competitive and each aspect is changing for the better, for consumers. A car removal Auckland side may have cost you an arm and a leg in the past in terms of time, research, finding the right professionals, etc. Now, streamlined services are there to help you divest of your car in a timely manner.

The industry is changing and changing for the better, customers are the winners in the end.

Change or Go Home

Technology has progressed, the watchword of the day is innovation and customer service taken to a totally different level. That’s right, companies such as Tesla, Carvana and even, to a certain extent, Carvana is flipping the traditional automotive industry on its head in different aspects, older players in the market have to pay attention and keep up or go the way of Blockbuster, Toys’ R’ Us and even other dinosaurs that have had to change their business practices or go to the corporate graveyard to rest forever.

Tesla and moving the Auto Industry Forward

They say not to compare apples and oranges but that is what is happening in the automotive industry, there are are many apples (those who are used to business as usual) and a few oranges (those who are seeking to make a splash and change the game) such as the Teslas of the world.

Now, Tesla did have a few different circumstances, for one, they were built on a fundamental change, theirs would be an electric car with a more efficient way of doing things. It was primarily founded on that one aspect plus speed. Tesla came to the game and said that you can have your cake and eat it too, otherwise, what’s the point, right?

They gave you something you wanted (speed and performance) with cleaner energy (making the car electric), they priced it at a higher cost and then worked their way down.

Tesla shows you that it takes guts and brains to be able to bet on the future. Brains because not everyone had people such as Eberhard and other tinkerers who were part of the original founding team of Tesla. Guts, because not everyone would have the wherewithal, belief, and faith that betting on Tesla would be the right move (as Elon Musk did throughout the years), the current chairman, Elon could have given up on the project several times and let it go bankrupt. No, he figured it out with his team and they continued to defy expectations and make things happen.

Some may see Tesla as a gamble as they may seem to make promises that are out of this world crazy, yet this might be one of the key factors that keep them moving forward and beating the average.

They promise the moon and get you at least halfway there, while other automotive manufacturers may promise you getting you from point A to point B with just a slight new improvement.

Automotive leaders across the board from the production floor to the sales floor has to change the way they do business to improve the customer experience.

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