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3 Ways To Get Worldwide Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is available in many places around the world, in airports, hotels, bars and even public transport however not all Wi-Fi is free.


There are millions of Wi-Fi hotspots across the globe but finding them and getting access is not as straightforward as you would think. Some hotspots charge for usage, others can be difficult to locate and some require lots of form filling in order to give you access.

This is why we have come up with our list of 3 ways that you can get free Wi-Fi around the world so you’ll won’t need to pay for data roaming on your travels. Thousands of travellers come home to find a huge data bill added onto their phone contract because they used their 3G or 4G connection abroad.

Don’t get hit with additional charges and use our 3 methods to get global Wi-Fi…


#1 Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder App

There are several apps for both Android and iOS that seek out Wi-Fi hotspots for you. They use your GPS and try to find the nearest hotspots to your location which is handy if you are exploring a new city or need to find directions to a conference centre.

While this can be a great help they usually only hunt for free hotspots which is good if you don’t want to pay for Wi-Fi but it can pose a security risk if you need an encrypted connection for logging onto your email or sending a document. Make sure you stay safe on public WiFi by following this guide.

#2 Premium Global Wi-Fi Access

A hotspot finder app lets you find free Wi-Fi connections however a global Wi-Fi pass will not only locate free hotspots but also let you access premium services as well and it will automatically connect you so not passwords or logging in is needed at any Wi-Fi hotspot.  Premium global Wi-Fi access is a paid for service (it’s actually very cheap) that enables you to connect to an app.  It is still much cheaper than using data roaming.  Access to premium global Wi-Fi allows you to use over 57 million hotspots around the world. Many hotspots are located in airports, hotels and public areas. It also provides a secure connection for sending documents or logging into personal or business accounts.

#3 Pocket Wi-Fi

Another option to get Wi-Fi in another country is to get a pocket Wi-Fi device. This is a small gadget that you can rent or buy for the duration of your trip and it provides private Wi-Fi access for many devices (usually around 10). Simply insert a SIM card and you can start browsing the web on several devices. Make sure you get an unlocked device so you can use any SIM card inside, that way you can always get the best rates in any country you visit.

We are so reliant on our smartphone, tablet or laptop that going without Wi-Fi for even a few days doesn’t bear thinking about.  Rather than using your data roaming or staying out of touch with friends, family or work colleagues use our 3 methods to access Wi-Fi regardless of where you are in the world.

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