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Nutrition and Fitness for Business Travelers

Do not consider business travel across state lines, or even across seas, as an excuse to cheat your diet or exercise routine. Calories and inactivity have just as much impact while you’re away as while you’re right at home, so plan ways of staying healthy whenever business sends you elsewhere. Especially if you find yourself traveling often, you must commit to taking the extra measure necessary to sticking to your regular diet and exercise routine.

Meals offered by airlines tend to be high in fat, cholesterol, and calories. Whenever possible, bring your own food aboard by carefully scrutinizing the best, healthiest, and most responsible options available to you in your terminal. Since your meals are being expensed to your company anyway, you have no real excuse for opting for cheaper, greasier junk food over the healthier options that are commonly more expensive. Making and committing to dietary decisions and planning in advance will shield you against the lethargy and laziness that leads many business travelers to grab the fastest and most convenient – yet unhealthiest – meals available.

When it comes to corporate dinner obligations at restaurants out, make wise choices among the lighter meals, like fresh seafood – or, even better, if you have any say regarding your meeting location, opt for a meeting over coffee and drinks instead, to eliminate the temptation to squeeze in an extra meal, or just one high calorie treat from a restaurant menu. You may be tempted to make the most of your reimbursement potential by eating out every single time the opportunity presents itself, but remember that there’s also your health to be concerned about. When it comes to those conventions and receptions with elaborate buffets, shop around the buffet and really consider all of your options before just grabbing and filling a plate. Choose the healthiest ones, and eat guilt-free.

If your health and fitness are not motivation enough to stay on track, realize that business travel often means you’ll be running ragged from meeting to meeting and event to event, facing obligation after obligation – and poorly chosen foods only drain you of the energy you need to be alert, energetic, upbeat, and engaging through it all. Eating healthy throughout the day will help you maintain your energy level and combat stress much more effectively that calories upon calories of the nearest fast food you could get your hands on. Be sure to get in your eight daily glasses of water each day to remain hydrated and energized during the course of your stay.

Take time each day of your business trip to take advantage of your hotel’s fitness center – or if it does not have one, map the one nearest to your hotel for you to utilize during your stay. If that seems like too much trouble, at least wake up early enough each day to take a brisk walk before starting your work day, and take the stairs instead of the elevators whenever you’ve got the time and the option. Take the extra measure to get your daily physical activity in during your travels, and you’ll have no fitness regrets and extra pounds to stress over by the time you return home. Taking caring of yourself physically can do wonders for your mental health. This same discipline can be used to positively affect your career success and help you to gain corporate recognition.

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