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The Next Time You Go to the Airport, Take a Limo!


Limos are usually thought of as transportation for the rich and famous, or something you hire for special events. This has been their traditional business, but the fact is, they can be very practical for trips to and from the airport as well. Here’s why:

1) If you’re going to the airport with the whole family and their luggage, it can be a challenge in a traditional taxi. Even the bigger ones can run out of trunk space very quickly. Not a problem with a limo. And it’s certainly better than having to split up and take two taxis, which is guaranteed extra stress.

2) If you’re in a taxi, that meter is always running. Traffic costs you more. Wait time if you’re being picked up and your flight is delayed or there is any other problem that causes you to fall behind schedule , well, that costs you, and can really cost a bundle! Limo services, for example Blacklane, have a 60 minute wait time built into all airport pickups, so you can rest easy that your transportation costs aren’t going to double all of a sudden.


3) Let’s just say that all taxi drivers are not properly vetted, to put it mildly. This is not a problem with limo drivers. They have a  professional standard  which goes far beyond that of taxi drivers. This applies to their professionalism, punctuality, even their driving skills and knowledge of the city and human relations skills. This is a big deal when you think about it. And another big de-stressor on what would otherwise be stressful days.

4) The level of comfort when riding in a limo is incomparable to that of a taxi. The size and quality of the vehicle, of course, make for a much better ride, but beside that, limos have so much more space. You can easily catch a nap comfortably in a limo. Even several people can if they want to. You can all be facing each other and chatting comfortably. Keeping point #1 in consideration again, I would say that the more people need to travel, the more sense a limo makes, in every way.

So next time you’re going to or from the airport, I encourage you to think a little bit out of the box, and consider taking a limo. You may just change habits for life.

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