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No Deposit Slots: Advantages and Disadvantages

I like online gambling; I play often. There is one thing I have recently realized: there are two types of online gambling out there right now, or models for online casinos. There’s the “free-spin” model and the “no deposit” model.

When I first noticed that difference, I gravitated towards the free-spin model, thinking it was better, but I quickly changed my mind and now I definitely prefer the no deposit sites. I’m going to give you the whole story in the following paragraphs.

The free-spin model sites attracted me at first because I was a bit of a newb to these sites, and free-spin is a bit easier to work with at first. It’s very black and white: you get a certain number of free spins and afterwards you pay. Also, compared to no deposit offers, free spin offers are much more common, so I was bombarded with them and just clicked on the bait.

The problem with free spin is that it’s not as flexible as no deposit. With no deposit, you just get a certain amount of free credit on the site, and can use it however you want.


What I quickly found out is that with those free spin models, it’s really easy to burn through your free spins and go into paying territory without even wanting to almost, because you’re doing the same thing over and over again. That is the number one thing that eventually drew me more to the no deposit model. You can really go through the site and find your favorite games without having to commit financially. Also, the no deposit offers tend to compensate for being rarer by being much more generous than their free-spin counterparts.

Also, although it’s very true that no-deposit offers are harder to come by, they do exist and if you look for them you will find them quickly. They’re not that rare that you’ll really have trouble finding them. They’re just not necessarily the first offers you’re going to come across. If you want to get started with a no deposit site, as of this writing, you can go to no deposit slots: advantages and disadvantages, for example. See, that was easy, wasn’t it?

My hope is that with this article, I can convince more people to go for no deposit, and this will make the offers more common, when the industry sees how popular they are and how much new traffic it generates them. So do all of us a favor and check out no deposit online gaming today!

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