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Introducing the Pockindo Travel Pillow

Great news! Travel just got that much easier. Here’s why:

How many of us have suffered on trips, especially long trips, where we’re exhausted and just can’t get to sleep upright, or finally get to sleep but wind up hurting our neck and shoulder muscles? The Pockindo travel pillow is a great new innovation, one which allows you to get correct sleep with a good posture even from a sitting position.

A group of business friends based out of Berlin, Germany got together one day and were complaining about how hard it is to stay properly rested when travelling. The meeting resulted in them resolving to do something about it. They wound up forming a company and getting the Pockindo travel pillow designed by professional osteopaths and physicians. A little while later, the travel pillow was born. A short little while after that, it was being marketed worldwide as the tremendous solution it is.

The premise is simple: If you’ve ever been in an airport or mall and gotten a quick massage, you’ve almost certainly been in one of those comfortable massage chairs. The Pockindo travel pillow allows you to recreate that posture from the (now) comfort of your airplane, bus, or train seat. It allows you to rest your head slightly forward and gently supports you, allowing you to drift off naturally and comfortably. No more neck shoulder and back strain. No more waking up suddenly because you were choking yourself with bad posture. No more sleep eluding you.

The Pockindo travel pillow collapses down to almost nothing and is easily inflatable. It’s even designed to connect to the AC above your individual airplane seat and inflate that way in mere seconds. It is made of comfortable cozy hypo allergenic material, and is washable. Every Pockindo travel pillow is made in Germany, and the production process is held to the highest and strictest standards of that country. All travel pillows are fabricated in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

Pockindo AD03 LOW from VINOD KUMAR on Vimeo.

So, don’t take that next trip without checking out the Pockindo travel pillow. This is going to be one of the best investments in travel gear you could ever make, guaranteed. This is an absolute must have for frequent travellers, especially those who regularly go on longer trips, like overseas flights, or business travellers. Go and pick yours up ASAP because these things are highly popular and they sometimes have a backlog of orders.

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