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Modafinil Vs Armodafinil

Ok, so you know you want to buy something in the Modafinil family but you can’t decide between modafinil or the newer armodafinil. How do you make your decision? Let’s look at some facts about the two so you can make your mind up and decide in an informed way.

The advantages of modafinil are price and sometimes availability, but these days it can be said that the real advantage is simply price. If you buy modafinil in the form of modalert 200g by sun pharma online here, it comes in as cheap as $0.98 per tablet if you buy in bulk. You can also get the generic for as cheap as $0.80.

One other potential advantage of modafinil is that it has a quicker onset in most people, so it’s a better choice for people who need that extra alertness and focus now as opposed to later. Of course, armodafinil lasts quite a bit longer than modafinil, so that should be taken under consideration. The typical therapeutic cycle for modafinil is 8 hours or so, as compared to 12 hours or so for armodafinil.

Armodafinil is considered to be both a powerful and smoother version of modafinil. Beside the fact that its effects tend to last quite a bit longer, most people report a more intense experience overall. Modafinil’s effects, although more obviously apparent early on, are more subtle overall.

Another important point is that if you’re taking modafinil, you have to time it so that the effects are done and over with before you go to sleep. Modafinil won’t let you sleep while you are on it. This is not at all an issue with armodafinil. You can get restful sleep at any time you wish with armodafinil. Some people might say this can encourage you to rely too heavily on it, others might say that the convenience is a key factor. Your milage may vary greatly.

To sum up, modafinil is a less deep nootropic experience than armodafinil overall and all things considered. So you will have to decide just how deep you want to get into it. Both substances have their advantages and disadvantages and their uses. It’s up to you what level of experience and intensity you desire. You now have all the essential facts before you. Use them to make an informed decision and may you enjoy your nootropic experience, whether it be modafinil, armodafinil, or some combination of the two.

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