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Top 10 Packing Tips for Business Travel

If you’re a regular business traveler, you’ll know how important it is to pack efficiently. The key is to travel light, whilst ensuring that you have all of the essentials, which can be tricky! In this article, we’ll look at ten of the best packing tips for the business traveler; helping you to glide through departures like a pro!

Invest in good-quality luggage

One of the most important aspects of this endeavor is to select the most high-quality luggage appropriate to your unique needs. If you’re travelling regularly by plane, you will want to protect your items from damage by selecting a sturdy rolling suitcase, which can withstand the rough and tumble of the overhead locker. Get a feel for your luggage before you buy it; a heavy suitcase is not going to become any lighter when packed, so find a good balance between sturdiness and weight. Luggage can be expensive, but it’s a worthwhile investment. If you need a temporary boost to help you pay for it, fast loans are worth consideration.

Buy spare charging cables specifically for your suitcase

A couple of USB cables and a universal plug can save you from catastrophe. Buy these items specifically to be stored in your suitcase, and don’t remove them. You can always be safe in the knowledge that you always have a backup readily available. Consider investing in a spare laptop charger, too; your company may reimburse this if you are travelling regularly.

Opt for neutral tones

When travelling for business, it is best to stick to a muted, neutral color scheme. As tempting as it is to express yourself through your choice of clothing or accessories, it isn’t appropriate. Your luggage should be black, clothes should be predominantly black, grey, or navy, and shoes should be smart and neutral.

Develop a capsule wardrobe for travelling

Consider setting aside a specific business travel wardrobe; choose good-quality staples such as suits, skirts, and dresses in black, grey, or navy, and compliment with white or light blue shirts, stylish ties or scarves in muted hues, and shoes which work with all clothing combinations. This makes it much easier to select clothes for packing.

Dress for the weather

Don’t forget your coat in the winter! Select smart outerwear that is practical for wearing out in the open, and sophisticated enough for the boardroom.

Protect garments from creases and damage

Acid-free tissue paper can be used to bulk out items that need to retain their shape, and it can also be placed between each garment to protect from spillages. Fold jackets inside-out to prevent creases.

If there’s only space for one pair of shoes, choose wisely

Space is at a premium in the business traveler’s suitcase; if you must choose only one pair of shoes, select the pair that make the greatest match with the clothes you’ll be wearing. Black, leather shoes are always a safe bet.

Fill shoes with small items

If you’re carrying belts, socks, and ties, place them in your shoes; it helps to protect the shape of your footwear, and keeps small items safe.

Make sure toiletries are in their own small case

Avoid the risk of toiletries spilling onto garments by keeping them separate in your suitcase; a waterproof container is best, but a cloth washbag will still offer protection.

Slide some spare Ziploc bags into your luggage

Serving a multitude of purposes, the humble Ziploc bag can save you from the calamity of spillages, and can even help you to organize items within your luggage.

We hope these tips help you to pack with greater ease. Happy travelling!

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