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How to Pick Up Business Women in Hotel Bars

When we think of the types of women who are likely to get picked up, we look for lonely wives,

party girls, open-minded bohemians etc. and we often forget one really viable type of women who represents success for us: The business woman.

Why Business Women?


Business women can, of course, be found all over the globe, and especially in major cities. Often they have to travel, and this presents a golden opportunity for them and for us, if we play our cards right.


Business women typically have a lot going for them; they’re usually intelligent, well-dressed, chic, and take great care of themselves. Which clearly indicates to us what our approach should be in these situations.


Your Money Is No Good Here:


A business woman generally has her own money and is not exactly looking to latch onto a male of the species for some free ride. This means that your money generally isn’t going to impress them very much. You have to bring your A-game in every other conceivable area.


Generally you will find business women are surprisingly amenable to the idea of having a fling while on vacation, since their risk factor has gone way down due to being so far from home, the odds of their little adventure bringing them any consequences are greatly diminished.


You just have to be what they’re actually looking for, and that isn’t very hard to figure out.


Be Prince Charming:


The thing to remember here is that while they are sophisticated and usually a cut above the crowd, business women still have the mentality of any other typical women. Don’t bring fringe game here; keep it very straight-laced and don’t give them any surprises. Don’t go super metaphysical or bring your artistic little Jim Morrison act; they don’t care about that. Be conservative, gentlemanly, and respectful, although a little raciness is ok as long as it’s done very tactfully and not overdone at all.


Despite the fact that it may only be for a one night stand, these women still have to see you as a “catch” and you have to present yourself as such in order to be successful. Be that catch in their eyes; it’s not exactly rocket science!


The Good News:

These women often lead very high-pressure lives full of stress and have very little free time. If they are married, the marriage is usually long since sexless, yes, this applies even if they are well under 30 still.


The moment they get the opportunity to cut loose you are going to be positively swimming in all that pent-up sexual energy, and it’s going to be all yours to enjoy!

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