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Cheap Trips to the Middle East:

Ahh, the views of Tel Aviv, the high life of Dubai, the elegance of Oman. Is it time to head to the Middle East but you don’t want to blow your last financial resource just to get there and back?

There are ways to knock down the price of travelling to and from the Middle East considerably. Here are a few of them:

Go To The Airlines’ Websites Directly:

There once was a time when going to a meta website would always get you the cheapest price possible, but times have changed. Airlines have started reserving the best prices in many cases for shoppers who buy the tickets directly off of their own websites, or directly affiliated websites. Air Arabia, for example, has some great deals in the works for the savvy customer who knows where to go. You just have to be aware and willing to shop for them.

Consider Mixing And Matching Airlines:

Building your own multi-stage trip can sometimes lead to surprising deals, but this strategy has a couple of major downsides to go with it. There are too main caveats to keep in mind at all times when using this strategy.

The first is to always cross-check it with the codeshares on offer to make sure that you aren’t actually fooling yourself you’re getting a better deal when the best deal is actually more easily available.

The second is to make sure that if you go this route, you allow plenty of time for layovers in case of a delay in the corresponding flight. Frankly, anything that involves less than a 4 hour layover is extremely risky using this strategy, especially if you have to switch terminals or facilities.

Consider Multi-Mode Transportation:

Buses in places like the USA are prohibitively expensive, but in other parts of the world they are cheaper and more reliable. In this part of the world, it’s perfectly reasonable to fly to a nearby destination and take a bus, for example, to your final destination. Of course, there are also caveats to this strategy:

Make sure that, if you have to cross a national border to do this, you buy all tickets round-trip beforehand, and are complying with all the corresponding immigration rules by doing so. Also, The Middle East has a lot of super safe areas but also, it goes without saying that some areas are best left avoided! Make sure you know which route you are taking and through where it passes during its whole trajectory!

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