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5 Best Travel Destinations for a Perfect Corporate Employee Engagement Program

There is nothing better for a company or business then for that entity (business or corporation) to have amazing and fantastic employees. When you have employees that have as much drive, energy and passion for the success of the business as the boss does then that is a recipe for success.

Some companies provide experiential employee engagement programs, for example, Online Rewards Programs. This is a great incentive for many employees to work hard and a great way to show your employees that they are appreciated.

So here in this article, we have taken the liberty to outline five places that you can send your employees on vacation to show them how much their work has been appreciated.

5 best travel destinations for a perfect corporate employee engagement program

# 1 – Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country that offers a wide array of activities and services that can make any action feel like you have enter paradise. Do to the fantastic scenes, outstanding hospitality and friendly atmosphere – it’s called the land of smiles – you can rest your mind at ease knowing you will ahem a great time here.

# 2 – New Zealand

New Zealand a place for those who are looking to have a bit of an outdoor adventure. The land is aesthetically pleasing, and there are many places where the family can go backpacking and explore.

If you are a fan of the Hobbit franchise and Lord of The Rings, then rejoice because this is precisely where the films were filmed at. Get a piece of that amazing story by visiting this most epic land.

# 3 – Mexico

Mexico is such a rich and amazing culture that has millennia of history behind it. Much like Thailand, Mexico offers fantastic service, outstanding beaches to relax on and lastly, some of the best boxing fights you will come across.

# 4 – Portugal

Europe may very well be an outstanding continent, but it can be costly and frigid depending on where you are traveling and at what time you are traveling. However, Portugal is such a fantastic country for not only the warm atmosphere but the many beaches that you can take the family on.

Sailing, swimming, scuba diving you name it and Portugal will be able to offer it for the family.

# 5 – The Philippines

Lastly, The Philippines is such a fantastic country. Not only for the outstanding services, the five-star hotels, the amazing beaches, the friendly atmosphere, and most importantly the amazing currency.

See – in The Philippines, you can literally live like a king on a Western paycheck. So five-star hotels will not be something you can’t afford along with the royalty-free treatment.

Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them

Appreciation and gratitude can go a long way. And by offering travel packages to your employees that have worked hard, you will better enable them and the rest of the team to continue to strive to be as productive as possible.

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