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Russia Health, Safety and Travel Insurance Advice for FIFA World Cup 2018

With Russia holding the 21st FIFA World Cup, the country is seeing its fair share of good publicity for once.

Since the tournament is in full swing, it is safe to assume that loyal fans would have already made their way to Russia in order to enjoy the festivities to the fullest.

However, for those who are going to be late to the party or who are waiting to attend one of the later matches or final events in order to make the most out of their time, the process of arranging everything might still be underway.

If you happen be one of those fans who do not want to miss the final moments of the tournament but are still waiting on funds for travel arrangements, confirmation for vacation time from work or understanding of the convoluted Visa requirements, then this post will help you determine the best course of action in order to attend the coveted sporting event with ease.

Apply to the Official FAN ID Program

The FAN ID is a new travel instrument that will allow spectators from all over the world to attend the FIFA World Cup events in Russia without having to go through stringent Visa procedures.

In order to get a FAN ID, you will need to possess a ticket to at least one of the matches. Once you have purchased a ticket from official channels, you may go to the FAN ID website and provide the required details, which consist of your name, citizenship, address, phone number, email and a clear photograph among other pertinent information.

The FAN ID is the official method of attending the FIFA World Cup in Russia. This eradicates the needs for additional Visa procedures and lets spectators attend the event not as run of the mill visitors but as true fans of the sport, which comes with its perks.

By holding a FAN ID, you will be able to pass through all travel channels by showing the issued ID which will hold your name, photograph and basic information, which will not only help let you in to Russia but also navigate through the country with ease and the benefits of availing free transport.

Get Proper Health Insurance

While it goes without saying that anyone visiting another country should ensure that they are up to date on their vaccinations, those who are all good on their shots should also look into getting international health insurance for themselves. This way, they can make sure that if things go South for them, that they have something to fall back on in the unknown territory.

Therefore, ensure that you have a proper insurance plan for yourself through a reliable provider, so that you are not left stranded if you are in need of medical assistance. To start, here are a few choice tips to guide you through the process.

Accommodations Are a Must

While the FAN ID program will provide you with free transport wherever applicable, you will have to arrange your own accommodations.

You can book your stay with one of the popular hotels beforehand, but seeing the fervor of the World Cup, some of them might already be out of any vacancies. However, you can still try at various other places, and one unconventional yet largely enjoyable and memorable choice would be to stay with a local.

Couchsurfing allows you to find locals with mutual interests to stay with, so that you not only get to have comfy accommodations but can also enjoy some time with people who share similar interests with you.

Enjoy the Game by Doing More than Just Watching It

For any true sports fan, watching a live match of your favorite event provides you with such a thrill that can hardly be surpassed by anything else in the world.

What if you could actually let that feeling grow twofold?

Whether you are attending one match at the FIFA World Cup or will be fortunate enough to attend multiple events, you can delve into sports betting to let that feeling of thrill go to an all new level. This way, you not only support your team out of your personal fondness for them but have a vested interest towards their win.

The best part is that this method of taking part in the sporting event is not just limited to people who are able to watch the games while being present in person, they can be present elsewhere too. Those who are watching the sports live from home can also delve into this exciting phenomenon by going to online betting sites and finding the best options according to their budget and location, so that they can actually feel like they are a part of the game.

Make Sure to Get Your Affairs in Order in Due Time

If you have already purchased your ticket, ensure that you have all your travel and accommodation arrangements finalized by the time of the match so that you do not miss out on such an important experience.

The final match is scheduled for July 15, 2018, and will be held in the Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, which is the largest football stadium in Russia with the ability to accommodate 80,000 spectators for the FIFA World Cup events.

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