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Brits Raise a Glass to a Morning Drink ­– or Two

Enjoying a drink before midday is one of the most common traits associated with Brits abroad, a new survey has revealed.

‘Brits abroad’ is a term used by the press to describe often shameful behaviour by UK holidaymakers, and as well as their reputation for a cheeky early tipple, there are many more characteristics to the stereotype, some of which are sure to amuse.

The 1,500-people survey, released today by UK package travel retailer Holiday Hypermarket, reveals that 92% of us are aware of the term ‘Brits abroad’ and a whopping 68% of us find the associated stereotypes to be fair.

And in terms of most common traits, drinking before midday was mentioned by nearly 60% of those surveyed.

The full list of characteristics most associated with a Brit abroad can be seen below:

1Terrible sunburn64.93%
2Drinking before 12pm58.50%
3Not learning the language54.45%
4Searching for hours for English food53.15%
5Having a fry-up abroad52.93%
6Packing tea bags46.93%
7Socks and sandals43.60%
8Reserving sun loungers with towels35.50%
9Talking about the weather at home33.41%
10Constantly checking the weather23.28%
11Novelty towels21.91%
12Buying items from beach sellers17.35%
13Not sure / other characteristic5.50%

Holiday Hypermarket representative Craig Duncan comments, “It’s interesting to see what people associate with the term ‘Brits abroad’, especially as this survey was carried out in the UK. I wonder how this would compare with what our European neighbours think?”

The survey explores a wide range of opinions relating to package holidays abroad and revealed a number of intriguing and, sometimes comical, insights.

One in five of us have had a sunbed stolen. This must be why more than one in four of us are prepared to pay to reserve one in advance.

There are also plenty who don’t want to shell out for the privilege; one in four are prepared to get up early to reserve their prime sunbed spot by the pool.

And the pool is where we are happiest, with 38% of us preferring to hang out there, in comparison with 32% who prefer the beach (30% are unsure).

Overall, beach package holidays still rule the roost with 62% of us opting for this getaway type over others.

As far as families are concerned, there are a number of debates that continue to cause a stir across social media and beyond.

49% of people think it’s OK for parents to take their kids out of school for holidays, with 26% against the idea and 25% on the fence.

And when we’re on holiday, 65% of people think it’s unacceptable for kids to use mobiles or tablets at the dinner table. This has risen from 56% in 2015. So are we dialling down our tech more than ever, in favour of connecting with our families when on holiday?

While this may be true, interestingly, over 40% of parents part company with their children while on holiday, using the very accommodating kids’ clubs. Another topic for debate.

Duncan continues, “There are many debates surrounding holidays but one thing’s for sure; singles, couples and families all need downtime and are willing to spend more for a better experience. At the same time, if there are savings to be made, people will take holidays at times that are more convenient, which is understandable given the wider financial pressures of life.”

Of the many habits linked with the British on holiday, enjoying an early drink is one of the most popular – something many Brits will be happy to raise a glass (or three) to.

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