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Touring or static caravans: which is the one for you?

Holiday season is here and many of us will be booking a get-away. But with the rise in Brits staying on home turf to enjoy a fantastic holiday, the idea of taking a break in a caravan and ditching the airport rush is also gaining popularity.

Of course, the big question for anyone looking towards taking a caravanning holiday is: do I go for static or touring? If you’re unsure which caravan style is best for you, check out this guide by Flogas — a top supplier of camping gas bottles to holiday sites across the UK — and make your decision in time to bag some great holiday deals!

Why choose a touring caravan?

With a touring caravan, you have the freedom of the open road and the independence to explore. Perfect if you fancy staying at a variety of caravan sites throughout the UK, Europe and beyond!

People who get bored easily and enjoy seeing new things are best suited to a touring caravan. Once you’re ready to see a new sight, simply pack up your gear and drive your caravan to a new campsite.

Also, you won’t have as many ground costs — like maintenance and rent prices — in comparison to a static caravan. Adding to this is the fact that starting prices for touring caravans are usually cheaper than their static alternatives.

Disadvantages of touring caravans

Your touring caravan has to fit on roads, which means it’ll typically be smaller than a static type. This is definitely something that you should bear in mind if you’re planning caravan holidays with families or large groups of friends.

What car do you own? Is it strong enough to pull a caravan? Your vehicle will need to have an engine that is powerful enough to tow your caravan — especially up hills. This is an added expense that you may not have considered when first investing in your touring caravan, so you’ll want to bear it in mind to avoid an unpleasant surprise.

Towing a caravan means greater fuel costs, too — would it be better for you to have your caravan sat in one place?

Why choose a static caravan?

For many holidaymakers, having accommodation in one place makes the entire get-away more convenient and relaxing. When you’re at home and decide you want a quick getaway, all you’ll need to do is pack some clothes and essentials and enjoy the relaxing drive to your secure holiday home.

Typically, a static caravan has a more spacious, ‘home-like’ design, too. Most have more room than touring caravans — in fact, some models can boast four bedrooms, fully fitted kitchens complete with integrated appliances, and the same kind of bathroom you’d expect to find in a hotel.

Another bonus is that you could also earn some extra cash! If you’re not going to be using your static caravan for a month or so, why not rent it out to other holidaymakers?

Disadvantages of static caravans

While it’s a convenience to have a static caravan that you don’t have to tow around, it can also be limiting to people who enjoy exploring. So, you will need to make sure you’re happy with your chosen location as moving a static caravan once it’s in place can be a difficult and often expensive procedure.

It’s also critical that your only leave your static caravan on a site with a 12-month licence. If you don’t, you’ll not be able to use them when the licence isn’t active — usually throughout the entire winter.

Making the decision: static or touring…

Just ask yourself: what holiday do I want and where would I be most comfortable. For example; you’re likely going to be better off with a touring caravan if you like to explore multiple sights and have only a few people with you. If you only have your mind on one destination and will be often travelling with a few people each time you seek a quick getaway though, it’s probably better to opt for a static caravan.

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